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What Records Can You Keep Using Auto Shop Management Software?

Having the proper tools to work with at your workplace is essential. The proper tools ensure your ability to provide successful services to your customer. This is just as important for an auto shop as it is for any other business. Thanks to technology, tools are available that will help you do more than you ever imagined. Auto shop management software makes a great addition to the resources shop owners or managers can leverage to make workflow seamless. It is worth noting this tool enables auto shop owners to establish a largely paperless management framework. Some but not all of the records you can utilize with this software will be discussed in this article. The total list of options is extensive, with updates occurring all the time.

Customer Records

  • Details include custom name, contact information, and more
  • Information is stored digitally
  • Many software systems can be accessed from anywhere you are
  • If you run a referral program, this software can easily manage the program
  • This system allows you to send email, coupons, and reminders about services

Job Category

  • Categories and options are displayed on your software
  • This option can streamline the hiring process
  • Links services to needed categories and vice versa
  • Highlights possible deficiencies
  • Addresses areas that need more attention

Profit Details

  • Some features enable you to store financial records
  • Profit details are readily accessible
  • Provides a quick view of how well the business is performing
  • Allows you to create goals for growth
  • Highlights needs


  • Streamlines record keeping
  • Increases compliance
  • Readily provides a report for financial reasons
  • Auto generates taxes in a variety of situations

Completed/declined Job

  • Completed jobs are indicated on the software system
  • Provides next step to technicians and other staff
  • Decreases wait time for customers since the notification is provided in real-time
  • Allows your technicians to work on more cars since the transfer from garage to completion is smooth
  • Keeps record of declined services
  • Provides better customer management
  • Allows for increased communication


As stated, these are just a few of the options auto shop management software offers. When considering this software, it is vital to understand what you need. You want to make sure the software you choose will work for your company for years to come. Purchasing software that only lasts a couple of years is not the best investment for you. It’s important to pick a software that has supported updates, continued training, is customizable, and is easy for you to use.

If the software is frustrating for you, staff, or customers, they will not use it. This negates the reason for implementing it in the first place. Check-in with your staff and customers consistently to check how they feel about the software and any changes they would like to see.

Once you’ve committed to software, ensure it is updated and all staff is trained. Spend time with the new software to understand how it can benefit you and take advantage of all the software offers.

About the Author

Harold Miller

John Miller: John, a seasoned business journalist, offers analytical insights on business strategy and corporate governance. His posts are a trusted resource for executives and business students alike.

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