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Separator Materials and Bearing Cage

It is essential when considering ceramic, as well as hybrid bearings to define the appropriate product for usage as a separator or cage. Whether it is steel, plastic, or composite each has its advantages, as well as negative aspects relying on whether the application requires it to be nonmagnetic, lightweight, or vacuum cleaner compatible the option of the right material is important.

To check on GSR Bearings [ตลับลูกปืน LM Guide GSR, which is the term in Thai], please visit the link.


Offered as either machined or molded, Nylon/polyamide represents an affordable, lightweight cage option that is appropriate for applications below 100° C. Nylon/polyamide nonetheless, does not stand for a great option for the cage in a vacuum application as the material will out-gas, as well as infect the environment.

Yet due to their lightweight and insulating properties make them an appropriate selection for high-speed applications or crossbreed electrical.

  • PEEK

Polyether ether ketone, more generally known as PEEK is a better product for usage in clean as well as ultra-high vacuum atmospheres as it has low particle generation and will not out-gas in a vacuum. It is temperature immune to roughly 150° C; however, is inappropriate with acids and destructive remedies. It can be made use of with both fully ceramic as well as hybrid bearings.


A conventional choice for lots of applications with high temperature, vacuum cleaner or tidy demands steel cages can take several kinds. The use of 52100 steel or stainless-steel cages is common in several hybrid bearings as it matches the material utilized for the races as well as offers a low-cost option that will endure many applications. More unique alloys can be used in unique circumstances utilizing beryllium copper in non-magnetic applications is feasible, yet these would no more be a low-cost option. It goes without saying carbon steels are not the optimal option for non-magnetic or electric applications because of its conductive practices. Metal cages are prevalent in hybrid bearings much more unusual than ceramic bearings.

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